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8 Top Tips to Catch and Land Bigger Fish

Land Bigger Fish With These Great Tips

While many people know a bit about fishing, fewer and fewer people actually spend the time to go out and do it – they are missing out on memories and fun. There is a wide variety of places and ways available to enjoy the sport of fishing. This article will give you some tips for approaching a variety of fishing experiences.


Being patient is the key to fishing. The may be times when you may go several hours or days without catching a single fish. If you want to enjoy yourself when fishing focus on the quietness of it, or the serene view you are gazing into.  Fishing is very relaxing and rewarding even if you don’t bring home Moby Dick.

Blend In

Fishermen should try to blend in with the environment when they fish. Fish aren’t color blind so they will be less inclined to notice you if you’re wearing camouflage or earth tones when fishing near bank edges or in a boat.   If the water is clear enough and you can see the fish, remember the fish can see you too!

Bass Swimming in Clear Water


Wear sunscreen. Even if the day is not too hot, you still need the protection. Frequently, the sun rays are strong over the water, so you should ensure that you will not get sunburn when you are out on the water.  How does this help you catch larger fish?   Well it lets you stay out fishing a lot longer, stay cool and keep your skin healthy.

Lead Sinkers

In the cold weather, sinkers are a good product to have when fishing. Sinkers apply weight to the line and lower the bait to deeper, warmer waters that are filled with fish. How many sinkers are added to the line, and how big they are, varies according to how deep the water is, how windy the weather is, and how far you want to cast your line.

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Go where the Birds Are

The birds can be your best fishing partners. Whenever you notice birds swooping into a certain area, it is likely that lots of fish will be in that location. Birds love to eat fish, and they dive towards the water to catch them. Closely observe their behavior, as it may assist you in having a great day of fishing.

Change your Lure

If you’re fishing using artificial bait, change the bait’s color once in awhile. This tip can be especially helpful if you have been on the water for awhile, and haven’t had a bite. Fish sometimes are interested more by a brighter bait than the shades they are accustomed to, this may help you catch the attention of that lurking monster.

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Use Proportional Baits

If you are trying to fish for pan fish, use small bait, however to catch large fish, use larger bait. While you may pay more for larger bait, you will be more likely to land a larger fish. Large fish will naturally seek out larger food than the standard bait.

Fat Worms

Live earthworms can be fattened the night before using to make them easier to get on the hook and more appetizing to fish. Just place some worms in a newspaper lined box and place it in the fridge overnight. The cold temperature, together with the added humidity, will plump up the worms.

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Now get out there and RELAX… this is fun not WORK!

As you’ve now learned, anyone can learn to fish. Fishing is not difficult at all. You just have to spend the time learning what to do, and then you can start to catch your next meal on the end of your line. Not only will you be proud of yourself, but you’ll be able to reward yourself by eating a delicious meal you caught yourself. ~Wait… now you will need to learn to clean and cook it!!!!

Get out there and make your own FISH STORY.……

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Top 7 Fishing Tips to Actually CATCH FISH

Top 7 Fishing Tips to Actually CATCH FISH

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While there are a lot of hobbies out there, fishing is a fairly easy and rewarding one to undertake. Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age. In order to become a really good fisherman, which means you actually want to CATCH SOME FISH, you need to know a few things, and have the proper equipment. You can get off to a great start by taking a look at the suggestions below.

1. Check the Weather

Remember to know what the weather will be prior to fishing to ensure your safety. Check your local weather app (I like WeatherBug), before and during fishing to stay alert to weather conditions. Some of the best fish are caught during the rain, but don’t fish when it is lightning!

2. Different Casts for Different Seasons

Cast Uphill in Spring Downhill in Fall

To figure out whether you need to fish downhill or uphill for different seasons, think of fish migration patterns. For example, in the spring you should cast uphill to get ahead of the fish. Fishing downhill works best in the fall when fish are returning.

3. For Bass Fishing Use a Grub Lure

Bass love grubs! These small lures can hook you some big fish. While they are very popular for smallmouth bass, they can be equally effective for largemouth bass too. They are perfect for areas without much coverage, such as highland reservoirs.

4. Which Lure to Use When?

As you stock your tackle box/boat/truck for your fishing trip, be sure to include all necessary tools, supplies, gear, drinks, and, maybe, a first aid kit. As for bait, the decision between live bait and lures really depends on what type of fish you are going for. Worms and minnows work well in freshwater for various species of fish.  Shrimp, crabs and mullet work work in saltwater ways. As well, you will want to learn the types of lures that works best in every fishing situation.

Click the picture to read the full article on which lure to use in sun, rain, clear to murky water.

Focus on the bait’s color instead of the water’s color. You need to pick a color bait that fish will be able to see. If the water is murky, make sure the colors are bright and easily visible. Clear water requires darker colored lures that do not mesh with the surroundings.

5. Where’s the Fish?

If you’d like to find the ideal spot for boat fishing, try using a fish finder. A fish finder can help you find fish as it uses sonar to find the fish. Nonetheless, there are fisherman who would rather not make use of a fish finder. These fisherman believe fishing is a real sport where there should be no unfair advantages. I’m not against either way, I just want to catch fish and have fun!

With new technology you can now use a fish finder *without a boat* and from the bank!  Using your IOS or Android smartphone and a fishing pole, you can toss out the “Bobber” and get a great underwater view.  Visit it on Amazon by clicking the advertisement (yes I get a small fee if you buy it, thanks!). Let me know how you like it please!

6. If you are that into it… Woo woo Moon Phases

If your goal is to catch a lot of fish, then it’s important that you educate yourself about moon phases, and how they effect the behavior of fish. Fish are most active the night of the full moon, and will be easier to catch. Be aware that this will make you more visible.

7. JUST RELAX AND FISH… and maybe drink a beer

So you can see that becoming a good fisherman is really quite simple. If you put what you’ve learned in this article into practice, your fishing skill (actually catching fish that is), will increase by leaps and bounds. So take some time to relax, and start fishing with your father/mother/child/wife/husband/sister/brother/grandparent/friend. The time spent together will create a special bond that will last throughout the years.

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Any fishing tips or comments? Leave them below, pending approval they will be posted.

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The 3D Suicide Duck Lure that I got For Christmas!!

Hi all, I want to tell you about the 3D Suicide Duck lure that my daughter gave me for Christmas!

Now, several weeks ago, if not a couple of months ago, I had seen a really awesome catfish catch video.  Some guy is in a small water boat and fishing in a little river area and tossing his lure into an underwater cave-like hole in the river bank.

At the time I saw the video it was mainly showing that a catfish could be caught on a lure – this being a HUGE catfish. I completely forgot about that video, until this Christmas I unwrapped the 3D Suicide Duck, the Woodland version, and my daughter showed me the video again.  Sure enough it’s that duck lure!!

I am super excited but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, with work and holidays.  I have the perfect spot picked out too!

Here’s the video I am talking about, in case you haven’t seen it:

Now, my daughter had to research to where to find this and it’s sold by Savage Gear. They were sold out of almost all, but luckily she got to purchase the woodland duck one, in the larger size duck.

You can also buy it off Amazon if you are one of those prime members who likes free shipping and super speedy delivery.

There’s only about seven reviews on Amazon about them, and some with pics from their catches!

Savage Gear also has several YouTube videos featuring their 3D Suicide Duck Lure that you may want to check out.

Here’s a good intro and visual of how the duck works and it actually catching a huge whopper of a fish:

If you choose to purchase one from Amazon, I get a tiny percentage and I thank you! Let me know how it works for you and I most definitely will keep you up to date on my catches and experience with this little, eh, big guy!