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PVC Pipe Noodle Fishing is like Jug Fishing

PVC Noodle Fishing


PVC Pipe Noodle Fishing

Have you heard of the new way to jug fish? It’s fishing with a PVC Pipe surrounded by a swimming pool noodle! This is a great way to catch fish, particularly catfish, and most fisher folks call it their “catfish noodle”.

People have various ways of making these and have their own preferences to be sure.  Below is a nicely made catfish noodle.

I grabbed a few youtube videos to give an idea of what this is all about, and put them together below.

You probably already know what typical jug fishing is like, but in case you don’t, here is an entertaining video with some great catches!  This video was created by DigginDeepSouthLA of a man and woman (he and his wife?) sucessfully catfishing with jugs.  He gives you and idea on good bait and also shows you how to bait and put the jugs out to catch fish.  See their rewards!

So, that was typical jug fishing, although not all folks use empty oil jugs, there’s a variety of jugs that can be used, however, the best are ones that offer a nice tightly screwed on cap.

Next up is a family fishing with catfish noodles on the Belton Lake, I’m assuming this is in Texas, but not sure.  The kiddo’s seem to enjoy fishing with the noodles/jugs as well since they get to participate.

They looked like they all had fun didn’t they?

So you may be wondering, ‘how can I make these catfish noodles myself?’ First, let me show you a short video by ArkansasPrepper to give you an idea, ~and I am also showing you this because I like they way he makes his!

I wish he showed a little more in detail of the “how to”, but fear not, below I have a very long detailed video on how to make three different types of these catfish noodle jug lines. Not just the noodles, but the entire setup. Enjoy!

So, let’s go out and build us some and see what happens! I have a tank here at the house that I may test them in first maybe I will catch a few of the monsters in there!

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