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The 3D Suicide Duck Lure that I got For Christmas!!

Hi all, I want to tell you about the 3D Suicide Duck lure that my daughter gave me for Christmas!

Now, several weeks ago, if not a couple of months ago, I had seen a really awesome catfish catch video.  Some guy is in a small water boat and fishing in a little river area and tossing his lure into an underwater cave-like hole in the river bank.

At the time I saw the video it was mainly showing that a catfish could be caught on a lure – this being a HUGE catfish. I completely forgot about that video, until this Christmas I unwrapped the 3D Suicide Duck, the Woodland version, and my daughter showed me the video again.  Sure enough it’s that duck lure!!

I am super excited but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, with work and holidays.  I have the perfect spot picked out too!

Here’s the video I am talking about, in case you haven’t seen it:

Now, my daughter had to research to where to find this and it’s sold by Savage Gear. They were sold out of almost all, but luckily she got to purchase the woodland duck one, in the larger size duck.

You can also buy it off Amazon if you are one of those prime members who likes free shipping and super speedy delivery.

There’s only about seven reviews on Amazon about them, and some with pics from their catches!

Savage Gear also has several YouTube videos featuring their 3D Suicide Duck Lure that you may want to check out.

Here’s a good intro and visual of how the duck works and it actually catching a huge whopper of a fish:

If you choose to purchase one from Amazon, I get a tiny percentage and I thank you! Let me know how it works for you and I most definitely will keep you up to date on my catches and experience with this little, eh, big guy!


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PVC Pipe Noodle Fishing is like Jug Fishing

Have you heard of the new way to jug fish? It’s fishing with a PVC Pipe surrounded by a swimming pool noodle! This is a great way to catch fish, particularly catfish, and most fisher folks call it their “catfish noodle”.

People have various ways of making these and have their own preferences to be sure.  Below is a nicely made catfish noodle.catfish noodle

I grabbed a few youtube videos to give an idea of what this is all about, and put them together below.

You probably already know what typical jug fishing is like, but in case you don’t, here is an entertaining video with some great catches!  This video was created by DigginDeepSouthLA of a man and woman (he and his wife?) sucessfully catfishing with jugs.  He gives you and idea on good bait and also shows you how to bait and put the jugs out to catch fish.  See their rewards!

So, that was typical jug fishing, although not all folks use empty oil jugs, there’s a variety of jugs that can be used, however, the best are ones that offer a nice tightly screwed on cap.

Next up is a family fishing with catfish noodles on the Belton Lake, I’m assuming this is in Texas, but not sure.  The kiddo’s seem to enjoy fishing with the noodles/jugs as well since they get to participate.

They looked like they all had fun didn’t they?

So you may be wondering, ‘how can I make these catfish noodles myself?’ First, let me show you a short video by ArkansasPrepper to give you an idea, ~and I am also showing you this because I like they way he makes his!

I wish he showed a little more in detail of the “how to”, but fear not, below I have a very long detailed video on how to make three different types of these catfish noodle jug lines. Not just the noodles, but the entire setup. Enjoy!

So, let’s go out and build us some and see what happens! I have a tank here at the house that I may test them in first maybe I will catch a few of the monsters in there!

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Catfishing never too many Bait Casters

henry-cats-tims-tank-200x140My wife says I use too many fishing poles, so many that she can barely get enough fishing space for herself.  Not true.  I leave her plenty of room for her one pole, maybe even two.

I like to set at least 3 baitcasters out, especially when catfishing.  I’ll have one up the river a way, one down river a way, and one all the way across the river if I can hit it.

I then usually take a spinning reel and bass fish while waiting for a clicker to go off on one of the baitcasters. Don’t worry, I have fully instructed the wife on how to handle my huge bait casters, and many a time I’ve been too far away to make it back, and she’s brought in the prize fish all by herself.  ~Here she would be sure to inform me she was fishing long before I was born – she’s a whole 3 years older than me, but to hear her tell it, she came out of the womb fishing.

So here’s a picture of my preferred setup, although this isn’t my picture and I have no idea where it is.  As well they have two spinners setup, but the layout is the same:



Gorgeous place wherever it is.  Looks like a great place to catch some catfish!

Our last great fishing venture together was at my wife’s uncle’s tank located here in Central Texas.

He stocks it yearly with cats and bass.  We’d gone fishing several times over the winter there, as my wife claimed “they’re in here” (since her mother caught two sometime they went fishing together prior).

I hooked a bass on the first trip and exclaimed to her that I probably caught the only fish in that tank!

Well, a few weeks later, I took her and her mother back there with me, with some ‘special’ catfish bait.  I can’t remember the name of it, but it claimed you had to hide in order to bait your hook or the fish would be jumping on your line before you could throw it out.

I have you know, they almost weren’t joking.

Wife and I caught two a piece and the mother-in-law one.  There were nice size and great eating.

Here’s a pic of our catch.  Notice our 1 year old German Shepherd inspecting them:



And guess what?

I only used one rod and reel!

So there.

If you have any questions, comments or wanna share a catfish catch pic, post them below!