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Catfishing never too many Bait Casters

Never too many Bait Casters

Never Too Many Bait Casters

My wife says I use too many fishing poles, so many that she can barely get enough fishing space for herself.  Not true.  I leave her plenty of room for her one pole, maybe even two.

I like to set at least 3 baitcasters out, especially when catfishing.  I’ll have one up the river a way, one down river a way, and one all the way across the river if I can hit it.

I then usually take a spinning reel and bass fish while waiting for a clicker to go off on one of the baitcasters. Don’t worry, I have fully instructed the wife on how to handle my huge bait casters, and many a time I’ve been too far away to make it back, and she’s brought in the prize fish all by herself.  ~Here she would be sure to inform me she was fishing long before I was born – she’s a whole 3 years older than me, but to hear her tell it, she came out of the womb fishing.

So here’s a picture of my preferred setup, although this isn’t my picture and I have no idea where it is.  As well they have two spinners setup, but the layout is the same:



Gorgeous place wherever it is.  Looks like a great place to catch some catfish!

Our last great fishing venture together was at my wife’s uncle’s tank located here in Central Texas.

He stocks it yearly with cats and bass.  We’d gone fishing several times over the winter there, as my wife claimed “they’re in here” (since her mother caught two sometime they went fishing together prior).

I hooked a bass on the first trip and exclaimed to her that I probably caught the only fish in that tank!

Well, a few weeks later, I took her and her mother back there with me, with some ‘special’ catfish bait.  I can’t remember the name of it, but it claimed you had to hide in order to bait your hook or the fish would be jumping on your line before you could throw it out.

I have you know, they almost weren’t joking.

Wife and I caught two a piece and the mother-in-law one.  There were nice size and great eating.

Here’s a pic of our catch.  Notice our 1 year old German Shepherd inspecting them:



And guess what?

I only used one rod and reel!

So there.

If you have any questions, comments or wanna share a catfish catch pic, post them below!

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6 thoughts on “Catfishing never too many Bait Casters

  1. My wife and I live in Texas and we love Catfish. She does more fishing while I cast for Shad to make bait. Your site gives some very good Suggestions that many people can use, and some nice Rod and Reels you have on your site. Nice Job!

  2. I have only been fishing a couple of times and although I found it very tranquil I never caught anything. I suppose you could say that I am too girlie when it comes to taking a live fish off a line :). Anyway, I love that view, it look fantastic and I would definitely enjoy giving fishing another try in that location.


  3. I tried few times to fish but didn’t end so well. Find out isn’t a sport for me. But I have few friends who are going almost every week to fish on the lake,with few beers or some wine and is starnge but they always come home with so great fish.
    I will recommend your website to them.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Diego! Fishing can be really relaxing, and it’s not always about ‘catching’ fish, or they wouldn’t call it ‘fishing’! We usually go out with family and there is always someone who doesn’t like to fish, and that’s okay, they either reed or take in the beauty, take pics, help catch live bait or whatever. It’s great to get out!

  5. Hi Lis! While my wife has those super long manicured nails, she still isn’t too girly to take of her fish, but I do it for her whether she wants it or not. I enjoy when my family is having fun no matter how many hooks I have to bait, or how many lines I have to untangle!

  6. Hey Michael! We love cats! Also crappie, do any fishing for those? And heck yes, half the fun of fishing is catching bait. My little girl is almost grown now, but we have plenty of special memories and one is me teaching her to use a cast net.

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