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What we did as Fishing Kids might Shock You Today – My Rant Really

Dad and Baby Sister Bass Boat, bass fishing

My Safer “Back Then” Rant.

Dad and Baby Sister Bass Boat, bass fishing
My Dad and Youngest Sister 1986

When I was a kid, things were a bit different than they are today.  Take our fishing trips for instance.  Take into account that this is over 30 years ago and the world was a bit different. I don’t want to say it was safer back then but perhaps we were just not as aware as we should have been.  Luckily nothing too horrible ever happened to us.

My mother and my Aunt Sharon used to take all of us kids fishing alone.  No guns, no weapons (unless you count a fishing pole as a weapon), and of course there we no cell phones back then.  We went all kinds of places fishing, even in the wooded area out in the country, where you have to hike and walk to get there.  Two women and at least 4 kids (sometimes we would bring a neighbor kid with us).


The most dangerous trip that I remember was one time when we were fishing under a local bridge under the highway.  The water was clear and we wanted to cross it to fish on the rock bank on the other side.  It didn’t look too deep and didn’t seem to swift… Not until the neighbor boy and I were halfway across and stopped when we heard a shout.  My little sister got swept away in the current.  My Aunt, or Mom, I can’t recall which, went after her.  Us being halfway across had to decide to go back, or go on across.  We had already went through the swiftest water so we decided to finish crossing, but grabbed and held each other’s hand just to be safe, until we reached the other side.

My mom or aunt rescued my sister and the only bad thing that really happened was the current took a fishing pole and we were unable to recover it.  I don’t remember the rest of the day, but I imagine that did not deter us from fishing!

I would NOT do it Today!

My Daughter and her Catfish Catch
My Daughter and One of her Catfish Catches a couple of years ago

Today, I’m a mom of an adult daughter and I would never go, just her and I, off fishing alone somewhere.  And we have guns, know how to use them, have cell phones, and I have a 100+ pound dog that I could also bring.  Things just don’t seem as safe as they were when I was a kid, or once again, maybe we just didn’t know any better.

When my daughter was little, my husband and I always took her fishing on the local small town river where we lived. Sometimes we even stayed late into the night.  We had flashlights, and often had a fire built, of course carried a gun for safety, and for a few years everything was fine. Somehow not so desirables moved into the area and seemed to be everywhere.  They would come upon you and try to push you out of the way.  They made you feel uncomfortable and the need to call the police urgent; which we had to do once, when we were safely in our vehicle headed away with our precious baby girl.  More and more shady things happened at night and I am a sure a few drug deals, so we rarely went fishing late at night unless there were several other adults with us – safety in numbers!

Local Lake Fishing Not Safe at Night

I grew up boat fishing on local lakes.  My parents are fishermen and we would often be out until well after midnight. And nothing bad ever occurred.  My parents are getting older but up until a few years ago they would still go out fishing on their boat.  Until one night when they had a bad scare with two shady characters. I wasn’t there so can’t really recall the episode, but it was the middle of the night.  My dad had backed the trailer down and my mom was to drive the boat up on the trailer.  Meaning she is separated from my dad.  Two guys walked up on them as mom was trying to line the boat up on the trailer.  Seeing them both my mom and dad became nervous.

I don’t recall how they got out of the situation, maybe seeing how tall my dad was, and knowing my dad, he probably pulled out some type of long object or maybe even a boat paddle to get to my mom.  I think that may be dad didn’t even get out of the truck, nor secured the boat as you are supposed to, before he just drove off the boat launch, pulling my mom out with the boat in order to get away from them.  Needless to say, my parents don’t go out at night fishing alone anymore, it’s just not safe.

Are Yall Catching Any, Gone Fishing, Fishing StoriesThen there is RESPECT

Growing up fishing, I learned that it was respectful to wave and carry on “small talk” with other fishermen as we crossed paths.  Things like “having any luck?” or, for us Texans, “Y’all catching any?”  However, nowadays, I don’t see that happen as often.  It may be that people are just more wary.  I am more wary.  Sometimes you come across people that just give you that unsafe feeling.  I listen to my gut feelings, for whatever power that may be, might be warning me for a purpose.

Then there is DISRESPECT

Some people, though, are just disrespectful and they usually raise their children to be equally disrespectful.

My daughter and her boyfriend recently went on a coast trip where he proposed to her.  It was a special trip but they had some issues.  They had a tent setup right on the beach, had their canoe pulled upon the beach near them.  They were sitting in chairs and had their fishing poles in the water and were fishing.

This is a wide open beach and it’s a fishing beach, it’s not sand but a lot of seashells and crushed seashells, as well as a ton of hermit crabs in nice shells.  There was a family that showed up, the unfriendly to themselves kind.  The kids began collecting seashells.  And they kept coming closer and closer until they were upon my daughter’s things.  They weren’t talking to my daughter or her boyfriend and in fact, decided out loud to just go under my daughter’s fiance’s fishing pole to continue looking for shells.  Not long after that the assumed dad walks over, my daughter thought “he’s going to tell them to leave us alone”.  Nope, he didn’t says a word, just brought the kids a bucket to put the shells in. RUDE.

If in Doubt Call the Cops

I would have called the cops as they were not invited.  I might not own the beach but I own my things and there is an invasion of personal space.

If you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable NEVER HESITATE to call for help.  It can’t hurt, but it sure can prevent.  Even having an officer do a drive by can straighten people up quick, and in some cases get people up to no good to leave quickly.

husbands catfish catch
One of my husband’s many Catfish catches

Always be Prepared and Be Safe

When you go out to places that have a chance to be dangerous, always take security measures.  Carry a baseball bat, a gun if you feel comfortable with it, and be sure to always have a cellphone with you.  Always be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to look people straight in the eye.  Letting them know you are aware of their presence.

Have any fishing stories? Or comments about my Rant? Leave them in the Comments!


Tina has been fishing since before she could walk. She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.

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