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How to Bass Fish with a Plastic Worm

Ever wonder the proper way to fish with a plastic worm?  Well fear not.

Here, Bass Pro Fisherman Scott Martin shares his tips on how to properly bass fish with a plastic worm. How many of you just throw out your reel and start reeling?  Well, that’s not the right way to fish with a plastic worm

Let’s get jinky with it!

Recap of Video:

Main points of video above:

1. You can’t fish a worm to slow, but you can fish it too fast.
2. Plastic worms are meant to look like a worm or a leach, not baitfish.
3. The worm needs to crawl on the bottom.
4. Mke a long cast, then move the bait with your rod, not your reel.
5. Throw out line, after you bait hits the bottom, reel a bit of the excess line in.
6. Use the rod to pull in the line. Then reel down taking in the excess slack.
7. Repeat. Pull, gather up slack.
8. Pick the right size line for the area you are fishing in.
9. Use a proper size weight for the depth of the water you are fishing in.

Just how do I put that plastic worm on a hook and make it weedless anyway?

Find out in MonsterFishandGame‘s video below:

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