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How to change your line on a bait casting reel

Piscifun Fishing Reel

Every wonder how to change the line on your baitcast reel, the proper way? Well you are going to find out in the video below Pro Bass fisherman Scott Martin shares how to change the line on your bait casting fishing reel.

If you are ever out on the lake and discover you need a line change, save yourself $20 and the time to go to the marina and do it yourself!

Recap of Video:

1. Take off old line in a hand over hand motion. Do not throw the line in the lake! Properly disposed of old line to keep wildlife safe.
2. Take your new spool of line and thread it threw the eyes of your rod down to your reel.
3. Put line through the hole on the bait caster.

4. ¬†Loop line through hole (he’s using a Okuma that has tiny holes inside).
5. Start reeling slowly.
6. Once you have it started put the spool into a tackle bag or somewhere to where it can easily spin.
7. Stand over bag and start reeling. Fill the reel.
8. Reel is full when spool is not over full and not over top of the metal spool.

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