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Learn about Drone Fishing and Fish with Your Drone – Find out Here

Drone Fishing Trend

Drone Fishing has officially become a trend!  Not just fishing with your drone in rivers, or lakes, but surf and ocean fishing as well!

People are not only having fun with this but some are catching monster fish!  There are a few different techniques that are unique to each person whom drone fish, but it’s still a basic concept:  Use your drone to take out your baited fishing line and drop it into a great fishing spot.  Although some people actually fish WITH the drone… attaching the line to the drone and either trolling with with a lure or using live bait and no fishing pole at all.

How to Launch your Fishing Line with a Drone

YouOriginal created a Youtube video depicting how to launch your fishing line with your drone.  It consists of using a metal coat hanger and duct tape (of course!).  Once set up you hang your fishing line from the drone and send it out over the water. Once you reach your desired area, you simply turn the drone around and the line will slip off the drone.

Here’s the video on how to launch your fishing line with your drone:

Here’s another video, by Jeremy Jones, of large bait being taken out 400 yards for surf fishing by a drone:

Ready to Actually CATCH a Fish with a Drone?

Well, that’s all great you say, but you wanna see a drone catch a fish now?  Okay!  In this video Viva Frei uses his DJI Phantom 2+ to actually catch a bass – no fishing pole used at all.  It’s a cute video and he gets quiet excited about his catch.

You can look at the DJI Phatom 2+ on Amazon #affiliate here:


Here’s that Bass Catch:

I told you he got a little excited!

What? Want a BIGGER FISH Story?

I’ve got one. In yet another video Jaiden Maclean shares fishing for Tuna with his DJI Mavic Pro.  He launches a squid in the middle of a pod of Tuna.  You get a bird’s eye view of this catch!

Now, I’m sure that you are itching to get a drone, there are many options out there and a wide variety of prices.

Here’s the drone from the video above on Amazon #affiliate:

And here’s a much cheaper, very popular drone:

Whatever you do, get out there and fish!

Have you already gone drone fishing? Or have questions or comments, please leave them below!

Tina Sassy

Tina has been fishing since before she could walk.She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.
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