SE FS374 Magnesium Fire Starter


SE is proud to present our Magnesium Fire Starter—the perfect addition to your gear for camping, hiking, trekking, boating, hunting, etc., as well as for your emergency or survival kits.

How to use a fire starter:
(1) Gather tinder—twigs, dead branches, dry bark, grass, pine needles, lint or paper.
(2) Hold the magnesium rod at an angle above your tinder pile.
(3) Use the striker to scrape along the length of the magnesium rod to create shavings.
(4) Let the shavings fall onto your tinder pile.
(5) Keep scraping until you’ve scraped a pile of shavings approximately the size of a quarter.
(6) Hold the flint at an angle over the pile of magnesium shavings, and then forcefully slide your striker along the length of the flint to create sparks.
(7) Continue to slide your striker against the flint until the sparks you’ve created land directly onto the pile of magnesium shavings & tinder and ignite the fire.
(8) Once ignited, blow gently on the magnesium shavings to spread the flames to the rest of your tinder.

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  • 3″ x 1″ solid magnesium with flint
  • Serrated striker in green
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Comes with a keychain
  • Great for emergencies, camping, bonfires and more


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