Booms Fishing Electronic Fish Bite Buzzer Black

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Booms Fishing Electronic Fish Bite Buzzer Black. + For Busy Fisherman
Booms Fishing buzzer are designed for every fishing enthusiast for their multi-rods fishing, it helps to keep an eye on ALL rods at one time.

+ No Fish Escape
High sensitive wheel accurately triggered the alarm for every fish bite, what’s great is, Booms fishing buzzer has a self-protect mechanism to keep itself from being interfered by waves.

+ Night Fishing Helper
In consideration of night fishing, Booms fishing buzzer equipped with a bright LED indicator in case of messing up when hooked.

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Booms Fishing Electronic Fish Bite Buzzer Black.

  • 1# High Sensitive for every fish bites timely and harmless to fishing line
  • 2# Buzzing Device: help fisherman to handle multi-rods fishing at one time
  • 3# Portable and Easy Installation: suitable for most reels
  • 4# LED Indicator: visible for night fishing
  • 5# Free 2 Day Shipping: Let’s go fishing on this weekend

Tina Sassy

Tina has been fishing since before she could walk.She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.


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