Rod Runner Pro Fishing Rod Carrier Gray

This is an awesome portable fishing rod carrier!

I bought this for my husband this Christmas.  That’s his fishing reels and baitcasters in his Rod Runner Pro fishing rod carrier.

He fishes a lot of time at the local spillway and it is a long trip down there.  It’s hard to make multiple trips, especially if you go fishing by yourself like he does sometimes.  There are shady characters down there and you don’t want to leave your stuff alone while you retrieve more.

So, to solve the issue, I bought him The Rod Runner Pro.  It holds both saltwater and freshwater reels.  It’s light weight and stands easily.  The legs are close-able if you do not want it to stand.

It will carry up to five fishing poles at a time. If this is too much for you, they also offer the Rod Runner Express, which carries 3 fishing reels, again, these can be saltwater or freshwater reels.

Closeup of Our Rods in The Rod Runner Pro

It’s not just for carrying, you can also store your reels in the rod runner pro, or you can also use it to transport your fishing reels.  Depending on the length of your reels, some folks have even used it to carry their rods in the CAR!  I prefer a truck bed as we have some extremely long old bait casters.

portable fishing rod holder for reels
My husband’s Rods and Reels in his Rod Runner Pro

Above you can see both an open face reel and one of our baitcasters. There are different type rod holders that come with the Rod Runner Pro, but they usually send a ratio of 2/3 so you can just drop them a message if you want all freshwater or all saltwater, or any combination.  Some folks I talked to said it didn’t matter to them as no matter which rod holder cup they used it fits both their saltwater and freshwater reels.

There’s also these little bungee cords that secure each reel snugly into place if needed.  So that is extra helpful whenever you a transporting your rod and reels in a vehicle.

This rod carrier is the perfect thing for us in fishing boats as well, you just pick it up, load and boat!

If you decide to purchase this, I do get a tiny commission and I thank you!!  If you get this, let me know how it works for you!!

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