KastKing RXA 40-90 Round Baitcasting Reel


A RXA is the perfect round baitcasting reel for trolling, bottom fishing, and other techniques used in freshwater and offshore fishing. RXA’s large line capacities easily handles the lengths of braided or monofilament line needed for those applications and targeting species.

The RXA star drag fishing reel series delivers fantastic design, power, and performance at an affordable price that cannot be matched by trolling or round baitcasting reels by: Penn, Penn Squall, Abu Garcia, Abu Garcia Ambassadeur, Diawa trolling reel, Okuma conventional fishing reels, Okuma levelwind reel, Shimano levelwind reels, and others.

RXA is an awesome conventional reel for a trolling, bottom fishing, and other techniques used in freshwater and saltwater. When combined with a KastKing® carbon fiber rod you have a fantastic trolling rod and reel combo.

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KastKing RXA 40-90 Round Baitcasting Reel All Metal Body & Supreme Star Drag Conventional Reel Best Trolling Reel or Offshore Reel For Bottom Fishing In Both Freshwater and Saltwater

  • The RXA round baitcasting reel has anodized red side plates and spool made from aircraft-grade aluminum, precision machined brass worm shaft, flawless level wind, all metal construction and stainless steel components for superior corrosion protection when used as an inshore fishing reel or offshore fishing reel and is the perfect conventional saltwater fishing reel.
  • PLEASE SELECT SIZE AND VIEW SPECS. A conventional reel that is an awesome trolling reel or offshore reel for bottom fishing, this saltwater reel has premium shielded stainless steel ball bearings (5 BB +1 on 40-60, 4 BB + 1 on 70 – 90) for smooth operation. Compare the great price and features of an RXA conventional baitcasting reel to a Penn saltwater reel, Penn Squall, Okuma conventional reel, Okuma saltwater reel, Shimano levelwind reel, Diawa trolling reel, or Diawa conventional reel or an Abu Garcia round baitcasting reel.
  • RXA is a powerful round baitcasting star drag reel with up to 20 lb / 9 kg of smooth drag, fatigue reducing oversized nonslip grips, and the classic look you would expect of a round baitcasting fishing reel. RXA conventional reels saltwater features will master freshwater fishing. RXA reels, available in left hand and right hand models, mounted on a KastKing® carbon fiber rod is a terrific trolling reel and rod combo. RXA features a line out clicker alarm and easy access spool release.
  • RXA is a perfect conventional reel for trolling, bottom fishing, and other techniques used in freshwater and saltwater. Anglers who want affordable, dependable levelwind round baitcasting reels to add to their trolling reels from Abu Garcia, Shimano, Penn, Diawa, and Okuma will appreciate the low price and high quality of a KastKing RXA.
  • Among saltwater fishing reels whether offshore fishing reels or an inshore fishing reel, a KastKing RXA round baitcasting reel is designed with functionality, quality, and built to last. KastKing RXA Series delivers fantastic design, power, and performance at an affordable price.

Tina Sassy

Tina has been fishing since before she could walk.She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.

1 review for KastKing RXA 40-90 Round Baitcasting Reel

  1. This reel reminds me of ones I use that are 3 times the cost. Though I have yet to hook into a monster cat on it, I feel very confident that it should perform as well as the other reels I’ve been using. The stopping force of the 13.2 lb drag is smooth and accurate. The dynamic star drag allows me to easily adjust drag force with one hand.

    The centrifugal braking system is smooth as well and adjusts easily to the different weights I use. One of best features, to me, is that it uses stainless steel and aluminum components and is “salt-water approved”. Though I’ll be using it mainly for freshwater, it’s nice to have the added layer of protection.

    In my video review, I go over the features and also show how it casts. This reel will hold more than enough line for the 30-50 lb cats I will be catching and provide plenty of stopping power. The bait-clicker is loud and will easily alert me to bites and runs, especially at night. Overall this seems to be a very solid reel, and I look forward to using and abusing it this summer. Stay tuned for future updates, should any issues arise.

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