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Suicide Duck Fishing Lure: This could be the Best Lure for Catfish

baby duck fishing lures

Suicide Duck Fishing Lure

Now, you may be thinking:  What?  Catch a CATFISH with a lure? Yes you can! And I think I might have found the best lure for catfish! It’s this cute suicide duck fishing lure.

Introducing the Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duckling Lure that my daughter gave my husband for Christmas!

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Now, several weeks ago, if not a couple of months ago, we had seen a really awesome catfish catch video.  Some guy is in a small water boat and fishing in a little river area was tossing his lure into an underwater cave-like hole in the river bank.

At the time I saw the video it was mainly showing that a catfish could be caught on a lure – this being a HUGE catfish. I completely forgot about that video, until this when Christmas my husband unwrapped the 3D Suicide Duck, the Woodland Duck fishing lure version, and my daughter showed me the video again.  Sure enough it’s our best lure for catfish!

I am super excited but we haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, with work and holidays.  I have the perfect spot picked out too!  **UPDATE I took a video of my husband using one of these (he owns two) baby duck lures posted further on down the page.

Here’s the video  that I am talking about (made by gauleapparente), in case you haven’t seen it (you can see the duck well at 4:08):


Savage Gear Suicide Duck Lure

My daughter purchased this at Amazon because she couldn’t find it in stock at any local stores.

Now, my daughter had to research to where to find this and it’s sold by Savage Gear on Amazon. They were selling out quickly, but luckily she got to purchase the woodland duck one, in the larger size duck.

Savage gear 3d suicide duckling lure: Best Catfish Lure Ever

Savage Gear D-150-WD 3D TopwaterSavage Gear D-150-WD 3D Topwater


You can also buy it off Amazon, especially if you are one of those prime members who likes free shipping and super speedy delivery.

There’s several reviews on Amazon (see some below) about them, and some with pics from their catches!

It’s not just for catfish, many different kinds of fish have been caught all over the world with this lure.

If you do check it out on Amazon be sure to read the reviews and you will see several amazing pictures of bass caught with one of these baby duck fishing lures.


Baby Black Bird Fishing Lure in Action

Here is a short, and far from perfect, video of my husband using the 4 1/4″ Baby Black Bird. I couldn’t see how well it was recording since it was getting dark, but I attempted to show how the little feet really paddle as you pull the duck in. My husband also kept reeling too fast. You will also hear him say our dog’s name at the end of the video; that’s because our dog tried to grab the duck lure with his mouth!

Different Sizes and Different Colors

They come in 3 different colors (yellow, black and woodland) and 2 different sizes, 4 1/4″ and 6 inches long.  The yellow duckling is great for any river or pond that you would see yellow ducklings on and anywhere else for that matter. We do not have the yellow one yet.

The Woodland Duck  fishing lure is my favorite because I like it’s coloring and feel like in our area of Texas we might have a better shot with landing a big cat or bass with it.

This is my husband’s 6″ Woodland Duck.  Apparently the large duck lures come with an extra treble hook, as our smaller one did not.


suicide duck fishing lure
The large 3D Suicide Duck comes with an Extra Treble Hook

Suicide Duck Fishing Lure Options:

While I like the Baby Black Bird one, and completely know for a fact that catfish eat black birds (story coming), I do not like how it just looks all painted black instead of something enhancing it to look more real.  As well, this is a black duck, not a true black bird.

That said, one year my husband and I were boat fishing in a curvy long river.  We found a deep ledge with a water cave to throw out lines it.  Hubby hooked and caught a giant catfish.  When we got home to clean it (yes, we eat our catches, or we release them), the cat’s belly had 6 baby blackbirds in it!!  I don’t know if that was from one clutch, or what, but SIX birds in his tummy!!

Have we caught any fish with the suicide duck fishing lure?

In short no. But the real truth of it is we haven’t gotten to go anywhere to take them fishing yet. We have been fishing, but a lot of the places we have gone are too swift for these lures. In the video I show of my husband using the 4 1/4″ baby black bird, it’s an old cow pond where we live. While I know there’s perch and a few catfish in there, (and snakes!), I’m not sure on bass. We were hoping one would hit it, but we didn’t stay long enough to find out as it was getting dark soon (it was mainly a trip to walk the dog and take a quick video of the lure in action.)

We still have the perfect place picked out to try and duplicate the YouTube video I shared of the guy in the little boat. It’s got a little under water cave just like the one where we caught that catfish all those years ago with a belly full of baby black birds.

So, I will keep you updated when a catch happens! (If my husband ever gets time off again poor guy!)

3D Suicide Duck Lure (Yellow Duckling)3D Suicide Duck Lure (Yellow Duckling)3D Suicide Duck Lure (Woodland Duck)3D Suicide Duck Lure (Woodland Duck)3D Suicide Duck Lure (Baby Black Bird)3D Suicide Duck Lure (Baby Black Bird)

If you choose to purchase one  of these Baby Duck Fishing Lures from Amazon, I get a tiny percentage and I thank you! Let me know how it works for you and I most definitely will keep you up to date on my catches and experience with this little, eh, big guy!


Tina has been fishing since before she could walk. She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.

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