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Top 10 Tips for Taking Kids Fishing

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Plan Ahead

Weather plays a large part in the successful fishing trip with kids. So plan a date on a sunshine day by keeping an eye out on the weather. Using a phone app like Weatherbug can be very helpful and it also tracks hour by hour, keeping you well informed in any weather change.

10 Tips for Taking Kids Fishing. Take your Kids Fishing, read this simple guide!

The right kind of Rod and Reel for kids

Zebco Starwars Spincast Combo, 5'6Zebco Starwars Spincast Combo, 5’6

Decide what type of bait you will be using in advanced so you can buy the appropriate gear, lures, bait, etc.

While the kid’s rod and reels at your local store are fine, they don’t really grow with your child. If you do buy a kids reel, let me suggest a Zebco reel on a shorter rod. This way you have a nice spincast reel that can grow with your child, you simply move it to a longer rod.



Hand Full of WormsBest Bait for Easy Catch Fish

As for bait, choose something easy like worms, or other live bait so fish are easily attracted.  Lures are a bit complicated for a new fisherboy or girl as throwing the line out is a bit of a task to conquer on it’s own.

An even better idea, and makes more excitement towards the trip, is to take your kids on a backyard fishing bait hunt.  You can plan on doing this the day before as you can safely keep the bait overnight.  Be sure to let unused bait go and don’t attempt to store them for extended periods as they will die.

What types of bait should you hunt for and where to find them?  Download our  ***Kids Backyard Fishing Bait Guide here. *** Print out the second page to save ink and give it to your child so they can identify the bait from the images shown.

The Day of the Fishing Trip

When the big day arrives be sure to leave early while the day is not too hot and the kids are most energized and alert. Talk about what is going to happen on your way to the water and let them know what to expect.  This helps to keep the kids interested and focused.

Kid Carrying Fishing Bait Bucket

Give kids a Job

To further keep them entertained, give kids a job, like carrying the bait, or nets, or fishing poles.  This also gives them a sense of importance and self reliance.

Bluegill Perch with WormFish for Easy to Catch Fish

If you used our guide to catch your own backyard bait, you have the perfect bait for easy to catch fish, such a bluegill (perch) or bass, of course this depends on the type of fish in your area.  I recommend a bobber so kids can actually see the bite.  This is very exciting! I have a friend who loves these safety bobbers that are perfect for kids under five, so they can learn to throw out their rod without hooking you or themselves.  You can get them at Amazon, follow the affiliate link to take a look and read the reviews. ~I have not personally used these or seen them in use.

Shakespeare Marvel Avengers Hide-A-Hook Bobber Fishing Accessory KitShakespeare Marvel Avengers Hide-A-Hook Bobber Fishing Accessory KitShakespeare Hide-A-Hook Marvel Spiderman Bobber KitShakespeare Hide-A-Hook Marvel Spiderman Bobber KitShakespeare Disney Princess Hide-A-Hook Bobber Fishing Accessory KitShakespeare Disney Princess Hide-A-Hook Bobber Fishing Accessory KitShakespeare Barbie Hide-A-Hook Fishing KitShakespeare Barbie Hide-A-Hook Fishing Kit

Keep it Short!

Kids tire easily so don’t stay too long!  As well sunburns aren’t good for anyone, so even though you should have brought things like umbrellas, hat’s and sunscreen, don’t keep them in the heat for too long.  A couple of hours is plenty of time to have fun and catch fish!

Snacks and Drinks

It’s easy  to forget to eat or drink when you are having fun, but food will keep up energy and drinks are needed to stay hydrated. Bring easy to open food and drinks so that the trip is comfortable for all.

It’ NOT about You!

While we all love catching a big fish, this trip was intended for the kids, so realize this and focus on their happiness and entertainment.  Once you hook kids on fishing and they become a regular fishing buddy, then you will be able to catch your big one!

Don’t forget the Camera

Fishing trips with kids are always a memorable event so don’t miss taking snapshots of the memories!  If this is a first trip I recommend using a photo printing app like Free Prints, that print an album for you – I love these!

I hope these tips help you have a wonderful fishing trip with the kiddos!  If it does let me know and send some pictures!

And don’t forget to download a copy of Kids Backyard Fishing Bait Guide here.  — Instant download no email required.

Tina has been fishing since before she could walk. She met the love of her life 19 years ago and now they compete to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Together they raised their little girl who is no longer little, but a beautiful young fisherwoman herself and more competition for the happy family.

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